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3D Computer Modeling Software For Interior Spaces to Help Customers Visualize Thier Projects





With this unique program, Stone Cavern is able to provide customers with an advanced graphic of their future tile installation with a 360° view. It's precice world-scale measurment creates the ability for tile projects to come to life.




Features of this program offer exclusive elements that contribute to the overall design such as corner seats, niches, shower components, accessories, and much more.


Other helpful advantages of this program include a wide selection of colors and textures aiding in the selection of grout color, tiles, wall colors, and decor.


Labeling is also included to make an easier view for understanding dimensions, materials, sizes, and object placement.


We look forward to your projects and are here to help make sure every aspect of your tile job is satisfactory.



Feel free to drop by Stone Cavern with your project dimensions and view a wide selection of tile. A 2D model of your room can be sent via email or you can view the 3D model in store.


For any questions, please contact Stone Cavern through email or by phone at 828-963-8453.



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